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Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.)

Rely on UPS to collect payment for your shipment at the time of delivery
UPS will attempt to collect the amount shown on the C.O.D. tag or package label, and then send the payment to you. If UPS cannot collect the payment after three attempts, the package will be returned. When shipping C.O.D., use Quantum View Notify to have UPS proactively send an email to your customer providing the amount due and shipment status updates. Your customer is then prepared to accept delivery on the first attempt, and UPS can expedite your payment.
Terms of Service
These terms of service apply to C.O.D.: UPS will accept C.O.D.s for amounts up to US$50,000.00 per shipment. UPS will accept a business or personal check, or another negotiable form of payment. At the shipper's request, UPS will accept a cashier's check or money order only. UPS will not accept currency in any amount. The shipper assumes all risk related to the collection of the payment, including non-payment, insufficient funds, and forgery.
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C.O.D. service is available for packages shipped in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Payment for C.O.D. service does not provide protection against package loss or damage.
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